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21 Nov
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There are a lot of Idioms which is related to different weather conditions. Here we have introduced some of them and also their meaning in the English language.

1) Raining cats and dogs

We use this idiom when we want to say that it’s raining heavily out there or it’s pouring.

Example: The soccer game postponed until tomorrow because it’s raining cats and dogs.

2) Come rain or shine

This is used for explaining something that always happens no matter it’s rainy or it’s sunny.

Example: Don’t worry. I’ll be there for you, come rain or shine.

3) Face like thunder

This means being really angry or upset.

Example: I didn’t know what had happened; when I walked into the classroom my teacher was staring at me with a face like thunder.

4) On cloud nine

When someone is extremely happy we say that he/she is on cloud nine.

Example: She has just won the best actress award, so she is going to be on cloud nine all day long.

5) Storm in a teacup

This idiom is used when small problems ended into some big and irrelevant discussion or other problems.

Example: Their discussion was only a storm in teacup, no one took it seriously.

6) Chase rainbows

When you’re spending time on worthless things you are chasing rainbows.

Example: His parents didn’t believe in him and they always thought that he’s chasing the rainbow, but finally he became a famous singer in their city.

7) As right as rain

Feeling healthy and fine.

Example: The moment I arrived at flower garden I felt as right as rain and my illness completely went away.

8) Lightning fast

It means extremely fast.

Example: He woke up late yesterday so he got a lightning fast car to get to his work.

9) Take a rain check

When you ask to arrange a meeting you take a rain check, another meaning is that when you refuse an offer politely.

Example: do you mind if I take a rain check on this offer? I’ll come later. 

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