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13 Aug
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Have you wondered sometimes as you work in a place what speaking issues should be considered while talking with your coworkers? Is it ok to talk about everything in your life with your colleagues who are not even your friends? The answer obviously is no.

You should not talk about everything at workplace. So, what are the forbidden talks? Here are some topics that are not proper for you to discuss with your coworkers.


Different people have different ideas about what they worship. Even if you are from the same country and the same religion try not to discuss matters that are related to religion. Keep your personal beliefs for yourself. Nobody likes to be judged or advised about their beliefs.


Like religion your coworkers may have different opinions from you about the politics existing around . Some people are very touchy for their political affiliation. Anything that can cause conflicts should be avoided and politics can be a major one.

Your relationship with your partner at home:

Why should you talk about the very private matters that happen between you and your partner at home. This may cause a very uncomfortable atmosphere for the people around you. It is nobody’s business that what happens in your private life.

Your problems with friends, children or family members:

Never talk about your problems with your coworkers. If you must, try a very close and trusted friend or your therapist. If you keep talking about your problems your boss may think that you are a distracted person and it may affect your job. Also, it gives others a reason to start talking about you and gossiping starts to spread in the office which is not very good.

Health problems:

If you are suffering from a chronic disease or any other health issues try not to talk about it at the office too much. It not only makes others depressed but your boss may think that you may take too many sick leaves or it may also affect your job. So, avoid talking about it.

Your career aspiration:

All of us want to improve in our lives and we also may have high ambitions at work. Going step by step to the top is good but if people at work think that you want to take that place as a step for another one and moving out of the company could bring a negative picture about you. If your plan is to move out of the company don’t announce it, leave it for the time that you are ready to move on.

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