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23 Aug
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You know that speaking and talking English is essential for your learning. But how do you know what topic is good to use with a person so you have that practice of English and at the same time you have some interesting subject to talk about? It’ obvious that you can’t talk about everything with everyone; therefore here are some common and popular topics for you to use in case of your need.

Human psychology:

We all love to talk about human nature and the way we cope with our difficulties and problems. This kind of conversations gives us a better understanding of ourselves and others. Many people can find solutions for their problems by just talking to others about it.


Another interesting subject to talk about is traveling. Almost anyone nowadays travels here and there and with each traveling people have different experiences to talk and share about. It can be fun and interesting and at the same time informative if you don’t know about a place or culture.


It’s true that not everyone is interested in reading books but if you find a person with the same interest then you have a very attractive topic in your hand to talk about. Reading books, magazines or newspapers is a great way to connect with the people of the same taste.


Movies like books are good subjects to start a conversation. Movies have even more fans than books these days. So, if you start talking about sharing ideas about movies you will definitely have a great fun.


There is a wide range of hobbies people may have, from polo to yoga, to pottery. We frequently like to ask other about our hobbies. It’s fun to know what other people do during their free time. This can be a great opportunity to know others and at the same time to know about the different leisure activities that you may have.


There is a huge difference between a job and a career. A job is what you do at one point or another for money. A career is a journey of learning, adding the value and receiving the value that stretches over most of your lifetime. You don’t want to narrowly focus a conversation on “What do you do for a living?” You want to also explore career plans, career challenges or the journey so far.

Going out places:

By asking the question “where do you go out?” you can open a great door for a fun conversation. You may find a person with the same interest or you may get to know about the places that you have never heard before.

Depending on your taste and interests you may be able to find other interesting topics to break the ice and start talking, but these were just the tip of an iceberg for you to use.



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