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28 Oct
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The number one problem for English speakers is spelling

These days, spelling is the number one problem for English speakers in writing. You may feel that just because you can’t speak, write or spell well in English, that native English speakers may just do them better than you can. However, the fact of the matter is that over the past two decades, even native English speakers have lost their abilities in implementing the mentioned three factors properly. The hard truth is that if you give anyone in UK, US, or Canada a piece of paper to right on now days, you will quickly find out that even if they show no weakness in writing in English, they are sure to spell words wrong all over the place. There is a simple reason behind this issue and that is simply computers. You see, smartphones and computers have spell check and that is the number one issue that stops English speakers from having any practice at spelling. So generations of English speakers have been raise, who do not have a clue about spelling tricks and formulas. This, opposed to a time when everything people wrote had to come from a type machine, makes writing a totally different concept than it was 30 years ago. Back then when people wrote, they would use the type machine or a notebook. This did not give them the option of automatic spelling and so everyone, who wrote anything, had to also be an expert not just in reading and writing, but in spelling too. When you work on a type machine, you do not get second chances. Once the age of type machines came to an end, everything went straight in to the hands of computers. Computers made sure the time we spent on typing would shrink to a fraction of what it was then. This also took away with it the skill of spelling and so now we have millions of students, even at the university level, who simply cannot write with perfect spelling skills. In fact, university teachers have also given up on the factor and ask their students to make sure they spell check on the computer and no requirements exist on the need for perfect spelling in western universities. This is good for students but bad for English as a whole, because it trains writers to avoid an extremely important skill all together without consideration for repercussions.
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