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8 Oct
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You learn English from textbooks or you even go to English classes but still, you have a problem speaking English. Have you thought why? The following reasons may be the answers.


Not learning real-English:

When you are learning English from textbooks and other English learning materials that are made for non-native speakers, you learn the English that is clear and easy to understand. There are no slangs, idioms or even fast speed talking for you to understand. One reason that learners cannot learn real English is that they are not exposed to the real language.

Not practicing enough:

If your speaking skill is weak then maybe you do not practice enough. If you are a kind of person who doesn’t talk much in conversations or don’t have enough confidence, then it is most probably a reason that your speaking is not improved.

Don’t be shy:

If you are in a circle of people who are speaking English and you are enjoying listening to them there comes sometimes that you want to say something too. But for a minute you think what if you make a mistake and others laugh at you or you feel embarrassed. Don’t lose your confidence and go ahead and speak your idea.

Now, other than these things there are some ways that you can practice your English speaking.

One way is to use one of your favorite technologies. Nowadays everyone can use the internet to search for everything.

Find the online chats or English speaking sites to practice online.

There are some text-based apps like Hello Talk that by using them your skill can be improved.

By downloading word reference dictionary app you can hit two birds with one stone.

Not only you can look up the words but it has sounds for pronouncing them to you. If you don’t want to use the technology things and want to get away from it all then you can imagine that you are a reporter and report your life to your audience.

Practicing speaking English can be fun and enjoyable, so go ahead and boost it with one of the ways mentioned above.

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