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18 Jan
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If you are an English learner, then you know that speaking is the hardest part of learning a language. How can you improve your speaking? Here are some hints for you to follow.


Listen a lot

The more you listen the faster your ears get used to English words. Every day tries to listen to English because practice makes you perfect. Try to download some of the listening items so you can listen to them wherever you go. Your listening can be music, short stories, news or any material that you can listen to.


Read a lot

Reading helps you to know more words and words help you to speak better. While communicating with others you need words to make sentences in order to express yourself. Therefore, by reading more you will have more vocabularies on your hand.



Listening when combined with reading will fill your brain with phrases you recognize and will eventually be able to use. You may want to imitate out loud the odd word or phrase, even as you are listening. This is sometimes referred to as shadowing. But you need even more practice at getting the words out. Listen a few minutes to content for which you have the transcript, and where you like the voice and the way the person speaks. After listening, read the same text out loud trying to imitate the way the person speaks. Focus on the rhythm and intonation. Don’t worry about words that you mispronounce, get the rhythm and flow. Do this over and over.


Write more

Another way of having the confidence to express yourself is writing. It helps you to share your feelings out loud but in writing matter.


Record your voice

By recording your voice, you can listen to yourself and see how you pronounce words and realize how correct you are about your intonations and all.

Also, it helps you keep track of your improvements if any while learning the language. The first recordings are usually slower and with more mistakes than the latest ones.


Keep speaking

The last one which of course very important is speaking itself. If you have friends or people who can help you with your speaking practice, then do that and don’t miss it. if you don’t have anyone to speak to then go online and find the sites that will help you with the matter.


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