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18 Dec
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In this article we’re going to review some common idioms, you can use these phrases in most of the situation, so pay attention. Learn them and review.

Try to use them in your conversations. You will seem more native in this way.

1) Come out of the dark

It means some old things that are not common these days.

Example: His dresses are too old as if it came out of the dark.

2) Cope with something well

It means adapting the situations, being master

Example: He can cope with his problems.

3) Pine away

It means suffering from long painfully problems.

Example: She was totally disappointed by her life, she pined away.

4)Take somebody out of them

It means making somebody happy and cheerful.

Example: Hanging out with friends would help to take Julian out of herself.

5) Who knows what tomorrow holds?

It means nobody knows about future.

Example: Human lives with hope, you can die every second. Who knows what tomorrow holds?

6) Take the opportunity.

It means using your chances in life.

Example: You should be aware of the golden opportunity in your life, it just happens one. You should take the opportunity or you will be regretful for the lifetime.

7) From head to foot

It means your whole body.

Example: The children were covered in mud from head to foot.

8) Use your head

It means using your mind/ thinking well.

Example: You should use your mind in taking important decisions of your life.

9) Think better of doing something.

It means giving up of some ideas.

Example: I won’t’ let you do that to Maria. Think better of doing something or I will reveal your secrets!

10) Behind the times

It means somebody who thinks too old.

Example: To be frank, I think you are behind the times.

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