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24 Feb
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You have heard that in order not to forget what you have learned in English it should be practiced. Our site has always tried to help English learners in order not to forget their learned information. Here are more hints for you.


Use audiobooks

If you are lazy in reading one way that your ears can be helped to hear English words is using audiobooks. Choose something that you are interested in and listen to it instead of reading it.

The audiobooks can be listened to everywhere you go from your house to your car. The one that you choose doesn’t have to be a hard one. Start with the easy ones and then after you got used to listening make it harder and more challenging.


Language meetings

Try to be in places where you can practice your English speaking skills. It can be an English class to a group of friends who speak English with you. The more you have these kinds of meetings the better it will be for you.


Music and movies

Listening to music and watching movies in your target language is a very popular method. Is it effective? It depends.

Music – yes provided that you focus on the lyrics, sing along with the singer and know what you’re singing. You have to judge your talent to tell if you can do this in public – I can’t so I tend to sing when I’m home alone or in my car (in which whenever I don’t listen to an audiobook in Russian, French music is on.


And then when I speak, useful words, phrases, and grammatical structures just appear in my head. And then I realize I know them from a song.


The same thing is true for movies. If you watch a movie in your target language with subtitles in another language you know better, it is harder to gain from it. It’s much better to watch a movie in your target language with subtitles in this language (or with no subtitles at all). But it’s still not enough.


If you can find other things to be more in touch with English, then do it.

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