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23 Sep
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possible scientific breakthrough in the production of a cure for the HIV virus

Successful scientific experiments have shown a possible breakthrough in HIV treatment, according to the BBC. Scientists have been successful in the production of an antibody that is capable of attacking 99 percent of the virus. According to this study, scientists are now able to produce an antibody capable of attacking the HIV viruses no matter how they mutate. This makes the treatment much more reliable as it aims to tackle the mutation problem of the virus (HIV viruses can mutate and become different strains that ultimately overwhelm the body as it struggles to produce multiple antibodies to battle the ever changing sickness). The amazing fact is that this treatment is showing no compromise when it comes to results and has, thus far, proven to produce the same results across the board. As of 2015, estimates indicate that roughly about 1 million people lose their lives every year to HIV and with this treatment that number can drastically decrease. The release of this drug can change that and the faith of all 37 million people around the world who have contracted it. With the majority of sub-Saharan Africa being the ones affected by HIV, researchers from are now hopeful this cure may just reverse the devastating faith that awaits those infected. This impressive study has now been published with collaboration taking place between USNIH, Harvard Medical School, SRI and MIT. Although more research is needed to confirm results for humans indefinitely, scientists are extremely hopeful that the disease may just be defeated soon after.
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