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14 Sep
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In some specific times like Election seasons, political conversations are everywhere, between family and friends. Some people believe that discussing political issues with your family or your friends who are not on the same side with you can ruin your friendship, but sometimes it’s unavoidable.

To have an educational and healthy conversation, you and the person you’re talking to should follow some simple rules.

 You can read some of them below:

Keep yourself updated; in order to reach this, you should spend like every hour on getting political information. Pay attention that every truth can be interpreted in different ways and you should recognize your weakness.

Don’t insist on your ideas when you can’t provide it with facts, it just makes you seem as a fanatic person without any understanding of the topic. If you say that you don’t believe in his/her idea because of reasons A, B and C shows that you’re willing to engage in a discussion based on facts.

Stick this sentence in mind that you’re not always right! The information you get every day could contain errors, so try to listen carefully to the person on the opposite side and discuss logically how to continue the discussion. This can be a huge problem to just pay attention to the information you agree with and ignore the opposite ones.

Always try to keep your answers related to the topic even when emotions are running high, if you don’t have a related and factual or educational reply you should let it go, continuing the conversation just make it worse.

The most important thing is to stay calm in every situation, you are talking to your friends and family so you should be careful not to discuss in a way that they feel bad about you forever! political conversations always get heated very quickly, so be careful.

Neuropsychologist Dr. Marsha Lewis says that the best way to keep calm is to take a deep breath and try to get unhooked from the discussion.Feel some compassion for yourself, smiling inwardly.  Take another breath, and with compassion for the scared person standing across from you, smile outwardly.

So you read some tips in order to control a political conversation and get to know your family and friends point views and their beliefs.

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