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12 Jul
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Must-have pieces on every Londoner’s wardrobe


Must-have pieces on every Londoner’s wardrobe


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Most English women like to invest in certain pieces that are timeless and can be worn on many occasions from day to night. So how to develop a signature look that guarantees that you will turn heads? How to look fresh and classy like an English woman would?


Following an English woman’s aesthetic, it is important to add a trench coat to your wardrobe. Most of the Londoners like to go for a sleek, tailored look. Think skinny jeans, slim shirts, and formal belts.


Own a signature pair of boots, mix them up with a nice pair of denim, a white T-shirt and throw on it a faux fur coat and you are set for a typical London street style look. Most London girls would wear hats as well which is a very common accessory used in winter to highlight their classy look.


London women love vintage clothes, they love to wear biker leather jackets, classic beaten up leather handbags, very similar to Balenciaga’s style. Most women when they arrive in London, go to Portobello market to check out the new arrivals in the vintage stores over there.


Go for prints from the summer season all the way to the winter season. Women in London love wearing colorful printed blazers and scarfs. Also, they like to wear bright shades that make a statement with a simple outfit. Flashy colored sunglasses are also very trendy and are also worn by many English women.


To sum up, a typical English woman is into trendy styles, mixing and matching and wearing layers during winter such a clean white cotton shirt with a fancy sweater on top. Most English woman like to have certain signature pieces that never go out of the style in their wardrobe. They are inspired a lot by celebrity styles in the seventies and eighties.


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