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12 Jul
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Learn to carry good English conversations at work


When you are in a work environment that you are new to, there are many things that can get in the way of you making friends and ask for help from co-workers. Starting a good conversation is what will get you what you need. This, however, is something that needs comfort and confidence. That is why you need to keep it that way by sticking to short and simple topics. Things like news of the day that you know everyone is aware of are really good; just keep away icebreakers or jokes because they put people on the spot. So, first things first, start with introductions like who you are, where you are from and generally a little about yourself. Then ask a question you know can probably have short answers that give you time to listen and respond too and are not just one or two words and leave you where you started. Ask about the company and how the person started working there. Keep the conversation on a positive note and place priority on the other person talking and you listening. Remember the goal is to find a friend and get good vibes from your new work place.


There are so many different topics you can discuss like sports, TV shows, movies and anything that will help your coworker come out of silence, talk and share his or her opinions. If you are a specialist in an industry, ask others about the latest scientific article and findings about the issue you both work on. You can also ask for help of offer it in order to start a good conversation. After you have found a couple of people who you can trust, ask them questions like who, why, where, when and what. We call these open ended questions because they leave room for more talks. You can also flatter other people about their outfits, shoes, haircut, and personality by saying you like their outfit or their haircut really matches their personality. Don’t' forget that everything comes down to listening. You have to listen more than you talk and make sure the other person knows you are listening. People have a way of knowing when someone is listening or not so do it well and gain respect for being a good listener at work.

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