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18 Mar
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There are a lot of Idioms which have the word “Hand” in them; here we have introduced some of them and also their meaning in the English language.

1)A hand in

It means to help in something or have an influential effect on something.

Example: It’s obvious from the exhibition’s style that a professional person had a hand in how it was directed.

2)Bite the hand that feeds

Treating in a bad way with who you’re depended on or you owe them.

Example: I know how to behave; I would never bite the hand that feeds me.

3)carry fire in one hand and water in the other

We use these Idioms when we want to explain someone is treating us not very honestly, actually, she/he is deceiving us.

Example: I think she carries fire in one hand and water in the other because she behaves me really nice but I’ve heard her talking about me behind my back.

4)From hand to mouth

It means living in a difficult and poor situation.

Example: People lived from hand to mouth during the world war.

5)Old hand

It refers to those who have a lot of experiences in a specific job.

Example: You should always trust to an old hand advice.

6)Many hands make light work

It’s about helping. It means if everybody help, a large task will be seen as an easy job.

Example: Our guests are coming tomorrow and I have a lot of work to do today, but I'm not worried at all because my friends are helping me with my tasks, many hands make light work.

7)A hot hand

This idiom refers to a continuous lucks and success in somebody’s life when we say somebody has a hot hand it means that he/she is experiencing a lot of success in the life.

Example: This year is Jim’s lucky year; He seems to have a hot hand this year.

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