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3 Aug
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How to tell people more about yourself using simple English

When you want to talk to anybody and you don’t know if they speak English well, the best thing is to talk slowly and figure out how to use simple sentences in order to get by. Things like HOW IS IT GOING really put a friendly touch on what you say. So it’s HELLO, HOW ARE YOU? Or HELLO, HOW’S IT GOING? Then after you hear a respond you just say GOOD TO HEAR THAT. This phrase lets the other side know you understood what they said and you are glad for them. That is called two birds with one little simple stone. There are so many different phrases like the ones mentions earlier, so you have to look them up online. However, we will provide some simple yet friends conversation pieces you can use, no matter where you may find yourself.
There are polite phrases like HOW HAS YOUR DAY BEEN? There are also the ones about weather like IT IS SURE A NICE DAY or A NICE SUNNY DAY WE HAVE TODAY. When you say things like that, you are not asking a question but actually include someone without forcing them to talk directly. They can simply agree with you or talk about it further, but the important point is that you just made a conversation. And that is what we call an ICE BREAKER, which is when you break the silence and talk with other people. That is the gate way to inclusion and conversation.
From conversation starters, we then get to introductions. Aside from names and homelands there are many other interesting things to talk about. If you think about it, there are things to say like, WHEN DID YOU MOVE HERE, WHAT HAVE YOU STUDIED? And you can learn English phrases similar that point to life experiences. Then there are I LIKE CATS MORE THAN DOGS and THAT SHIRT LOOKS GOOD ON YOU. Simply said, you can say whatever you like as long as it is friendly and opens doors to other discussions. You can talk about yourself too, but be careful not to talk too deeply on first encounters. Also, make sure you don’t talk about yourself too much either. Overall, it is not hard to talk with others in English and you just need to memorize some general sentences that are short.
Towards the end of a conversation, don’t forget to say things like IT WAS NICE TALKING WITH YOU and HAVE A GOOD DAY. You can also say I APPRECIATE THE CHAT or THAT WAS GOOD TALK, TAKE MY NUMBER SO WE CAN DO THIS AGAIN. That can just get you a night out for dinner and there is nothing wrong with going out for dinner. Remember to have a smile on and have a good time. Do not think too much and concentrate on listening. This way you can really learn English well in no time.
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