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10 Aug
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how to learn and memorize English grammar rules


how to learn and memorize English grammar rules


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Learning English grammar is a challenge. The brain is forced to access information much differently, and this can quickly overload your memory. This course aims to overcome this challenge, but introducing a new form or remembering for English grammar.


If you read grammar rules in a book, there’s usually example sentences for each rule. Write those examples down; you’ll get a better understanding of rules by practicing them.


Practice writing every day. No need to write essays all the time, but start a journal! Find some rules you understand, and try to write each journal entry so the entries correctly use the rules somehow.


If you are tired every time you have time to practice grammar, then just write 1–3 sentences using some rules. A little practice is better than none.


If you find some grammar usage that seems really weird, search it online. How to use semi-colon or sentence object. Not only will you be practicing how to identify keywords, but you also find great grammar sites that provide many rules that you don’t even know about.


After you search and find those rules, write 1–2 sentences practicing those rules. Just 1–2 is enough, but write more if you want.


Read. Nearly all published works (through a publisher, not self-published online stuff) are edited by professional editors who earn salaries for identifying bad English. So reading books, magazine articles, science journals, or other published works will be great for grammar practice.


Read them and understand where the punctuation marks are, and why are they used there? Ask yourself (and answer yourself) Why did he use a semi-colon instead of a period? Why did he use this word here and not in another place in the sentence?


Take some English courses! The grades you get can be an incentive for improving English faster than you would improve by yourself.



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