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6 Aug
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How to Improve English Listening Skills

How to Improve English Listening Skills


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You can’t understand native speakers?!

You find it difficult to improve your listening?!

You don’t have time to improve your listening skills?!

Do you have these annoying problems?

There’s only one reason people fail: they don’t listen to enough English.

Makes sense, right? If you spend 1,000 hours listening to English, your listening will definitely improve.


Unfortunately, here’s what many people do to improve their listening:


Watch a few movies in English every week.

Listen to something in English 3 – 5 times a week.

Listen to English for 15 minutes per day.

These actions are weak. They aren’t significant enough to make a difference. Think about it. If you listen to English for 15 minutes a day. One year from now, you will have listened to only 91 hours of English.

This is not enough! It will take you many years to see an improvement. Some people spend several hours a day listening to English. They know that to improve their listening, they need a lot of practice.

Unfortunately, these people usually fail to improve their listening as well. Why is that?


Here’s what usually happens:

At first, they’re motivated to improve their listening. They decide to listen to English for 2 hours every day. After a while, they have trouble finding time to practice. Finally, they lose motivation and give up, Because they quit too soon, their listening skills didn’t improve.

This is how many motivated English students fail. They practice hard in the beginning, but then they quit soon afterward because they can’t maintain that kind of practice.

Here’s the lesson to be learned: for your English listening skills to improve, you must listen to English regularly over a long period of time.

Listening to English for several hours per day for a month is not enough. You need to do it for many months (or over a year).

Listen to a lot of English every day. Do it for a long period of time and Make sure to listen to some English during these activities By doing so, it’s quite easy to listen to English for 1 – 2 hours every day.


Do you see the brilliance of this strategy? This is how you can improve your listening even if you don’t time. Even busy people can do this!

If you do these things, your success is 100% guaranteed



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