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8 Jul
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How is English related to Science?


How is English related to Science?

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Science is constantly evolving and scientists are consistently improving their research by implementing new theories. Science has contributed to many human creations in the past years leaving a trail of information and highlighting topics that we never knew existed. However, Science couldn’t have reached that big of an impact if it wasn’t for the improvements that technology witnessed since the 20th century and the widespread of English language that enabled people to acknowledge and understand it.


Ever since World War 1, Scientists were publishing their discoveries in their own languages and most articles would be translated in Latin to reach more scientists who would read about it and discuss it. World War 1 developed some sort of racial discrimination and phobia against Germans. German and Austrian scientists were boycotted by British, French and Belgian scientists. During that time, international scientific organizations were built and shared these scientific discoveries in English and French but after a while, French was written out due to the widespread of English education in the U.S. and the rest of the world.


To prevent the language barrier, scientists are encouraged to learn English to reach the global audience. Today 98% of the published scientific articles are in English. Hence learning English is crucial if you are considering a career in Science. British colonialism and American neo-colonialism impacted the spread of English as a dominant language. The influence of the U.S. became huge in science after World War 2 which made English the prime language for all scientific research and articles.


scientists, non-native English speakers, are publishing their work in English to gain recognition because they know that in order to reach a bigger audience and make an impact they have to use a global language that is recognized by the majority of the world’s population. Publishing their work in English doesn’t only allow them to share their knowledge but to also communicate with other researchers, open new debates and learn from other experienced scientists who are known in this field.







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