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5 Jul
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How did English become a dominant language?


How did English become a dominant language?


English is spoken as a native or second language by over 1 million people worldwide. People keep wondering how the English language spread so fast and became an important language in terms of business, economy and, politics.


Well, it goes back to 1914 when the British Empire was established colonizing over 38 countries and enforcing English in the educational systems of its colonies. By 1922, the British Empire became the largest in history colonizing more than 450 million people and taking over one-quarter of the Earth’s land area.   


People who lived in the British colonies were forced to learn English to survive and attain financial success. Their ability to speak English opened doors to them and allowed them to work in trade with Great Britain. By 1992 when the British colonies started getting their independence, some of them kept English as their national language and some kept it in their educational systems as a mandatory language to learn. These events lead to the English language expansion in over 75 territories where more than 2.2 billion people lived.


The second phase was when the American Empire took shape in 1776 on July 4th. This is a famous date for the Americans which is celebrated up until today. This date marks the day 13 British colonies declared their independence and formed the United States of America. After the Cold War and during World War 2, the United States of America was so involved in the World’s economy, human rights and political dilemma establishing itself as a powerful country compared to other countries who were involved in the war. By 1991, the United States of America became a superpower especially after the Soviet Union was dissolved.


In the 20th and 21st Century, the United States of America gave birth to new art and music movements that marked history. Hollywood established itself as the most promising and successful film industry in the world embracing new talents from every part of the world.


All these factors contributed to the expansion of the English language since it became directly associated with power and wealth. Most people learn English today, in the hope that they transform their lives and to achieve success in many fields of work.


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