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19 Aug
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Imagine you are in a meeting and they’re asking for ideas, you have a good idea but there’s not enough confidence to explain it, everyone is speaking in English and you freeze when you have to speak English, Has this ever happened to you?How to EXPRESS YOUR IDEAS CONFIDENTLY?

The very achievement of being able to express yourself, and more importantly, be listened to is an extremely rewarding feeling. If you speak confidently everyone will count on you and see you as a professional of that specific field, how can you express your ideas and opinions clearly and be sure that you are being listened to?

There’s nothing to worry about!

You should always keep these 3 principles in your mind:

1-      Keep your mind quiet.

2-      Be Cool (Calm Down).

3-      Structure your thoughts.

Actually you should really put these three in Practice not just talking! Imagine yourself: Quiet, Cool andCoherent.


Body Language!

An appropriate and charming gesture conveys a message that you don’t allow anybody to control you. If you want to show how much you’re interested in a subject you should do that by your body language so people get attracted to you.

First listen carefully then speak!

If you listen carefully (Practically word by word) you will be able to speak about more subjects, so your speech will be a comprehensive one!

You start the conversation!

If it’s hard for you, start with a sentence like:” How are you?” Or even you can explain an interesting or a strange thing that just happened to you, if your conversation partner is willing to keep on talking, you can continue, but if not, you should stop it a.s.a.p.(As Soon As Possible)! Nothing is worse than an awkward silence!

If you are in Class, Think about what your teacher is saying!

If you think about what’s going on in the class not just you’ll understand it better but also you’ll be able to ask better questions.


Believe in yourself!

Don’t be shy, it just makes you stressful. If you always feel shy, practice this situation: Nobody is there but you! And you’re talking to yourself, it may seem meaningful but it’s really efficient.

Don’t think about the things you’d said in a conversation which made you look like an idiot, Put these thoughts away! Don’t forget you’re wonderful in your way.

Being confident doesn’t mean being selfish, it means that you believe in yourself and your abilities.


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