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6 Jul
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English, the global language of business.

English, the global language of business.


English is the promptest spreading language in human history. Global companies such as Amazon, E-bay, Unilever and, many others adopted an English language policy. No matter where the companies are headquartered, adopting English in their policies will allow to improve their communication and spread their business with great success.


The main reasons that drove English to become a worldwide language in every field of work are competitive pressure, the need for globalization and the M&A across national boundaries.


In order to sell or buy any product, companies should have access to as many databases as they can and also they should be able to communicate easily with their customers. Hence, using one common language is crucial. It allows companies to build a firm relationship with their customers ensuring that their needs are met.


Companies, who are not using English, are at a very big disadvantage and they risk losing potential clients. Integrating English in their organizations enables them to consolidate their foreign affairs and establish themselves in the international marketplace.


Globalization plays a very big role in business today. In multi-national firms, employees must be able to speak the same language to share and communicate their tasks and ideas. If in any company, a Brazilian employee is not able to transmit the tasks to his fellow Lebanese colleague, miscommunication could result in a big mess in the company’s structure. Companies like, Nestlé, saw great improvement when they enforced English as the language of communication and hired people accordingly.


M&A integration is another important point in making English a global language. When companies are negotiating an acquisition, the grammar and vocabulary used are very complex.

Both companies need to be completely on the same page to avoid any confusions that may cause them to lose money and time. As a result, companies start exchanging emails to make the merger and both parties have to send formal contracts to each other to agree on. English facilitates this by being a common language for communication.


The English language benefits companies in so many ways. It became the bridge that connects people and talents and allows business oriented people to connect with new markets and have a voice in a very saturated and competitive global market.


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