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14 Jul
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English Literature


English Literature

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English literature is a collected body of written works, all of which reflect the author’s perception about society, history, and human conditions. Literature represents a living body of works that speaks to humans from every age and every background.


We find the hidden meaning behind every novel when we study the author’s message and observe how the characters are described and the way we feel connected to the novel. Some people find pleasure in reading, they observe everything from the way novels are being written to the moral behind each story.


One of the greatest English writers of all times is Jane Austen, who was best known for portraying the middle-class English people and their romantic lives. She wrote realistic stories that enticed and intrigued her audience.  Another remarkable novelist is, Charles Dickens, famous for his novel, Oliver Twist, a book about a young Orphan boy who lived in the streets.

Nobel Prize winner, Harold Pinter, was the most influential playwright writer in the twentieth century. He won the Nobel Prize on his noteworthy accomplishments in English screenplay and writing three years before his death from cancer.


Poems were a big hit in the 1900s, readers were so attracted to the images they shaped in their minds, forming a harmonious, exuberant and sometimes nostalgic imprint in their lives. Oscar Wilde was an outstanding poet whose body of work is still taught in schools today. His poems were a state of the arts.


Ultimately, modern literature today is designed to educate people, it acts as a guide to allow people to have a different take on life. Readers can relate and connect to one character which compels them to keep reading. Today’s literature projects the society we live in. The structure, terms, and vocabulary used in today’s novels are completely upgraded according to how society speaks.


 Nowadays, writers are searching for ways to attract the reader by picking hot topics that haven’t been examined before. These days’ readers are very hard to please because social media has exposed them to a digital world filled with visual information and trendy topics that keep changing on a daily basis. Therefore, in order to speak to the reader’s mind, authors are being forced to adapt to the new digital age. 


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