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10 Jul
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English and technology


English and technology

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Technology facilitated learning new languages. It became integrated into teaching languages. Many classes are held online today. Digital literacy has been a key factor in improving students’ performance. Nowadays, Technology has gained a more prominent place in schools and colleges. Classrooms are fully equipped with tech tools to ensure that students are up to date with technology improvements and to accelerate their learning abilities.


Today, anyone can learn English anywhere thanks to, the various videos and online platforms that are available to meet their needs. Whether they are seeking to improve their grammar, vocabulary, speaking or reading skills. Any student at any level can access data online that will enable them to improve their level, all they require is consistency and practice.


Recent reports show that the need for learning English is fueling the growth of the software market. Software that combines visual and vocal learning are being developed to simplify learning English. Today, teachers can give lessons online at any time and place to their students due to the easy access to the internet.


In the UK, the importance of education while using technology drove the launch of Edtech, a collaborative portable record system for educational institutes in the UK. This strategy will contribute to the immediate growth of the UK’s education in the tech sector in Britain and internationally. Edtech is used by over 80 schools in the UK to allow fast feedback between students, teachers, and parents and will ultimately keep improving and changing the educational methods through personalized ways.


Additionally, many tech devices are being developed now to accommodate people who are seeking to learn English. The newest technology that has been created is a translation earpiece that allows people to accurately hear instant-translation. Many companies are resulting in this new technology, major companies like Google, Microsoft, and Apple. This real-time translation earpiece enables users to generate conversation in the language they select.

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