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22 Jan
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There are a lot of idioms in the English language which contains the word “egg” or “chicken”. Let’s know about them, their meaning and how they’re used in sentences.

1) Sure as eggs

This idiom is used to explain something that will take place for sure. Sometimes it’s said as “sure as eggs is eggs” too.

Example: He will not show up in the party, I’m sure as eggs is eggs!

2) A bad egg

This idiom is referred to a person who poorly behave or an ill person.

Example: I can’t believe he gives to charity; he was a bad egg as long as I can remember.

3) a- chicken-  and- egg situation

A situation in which you are confused about the causes and reasons of an event.

Example: I don’t know my boss was upset because I came late or I came late because my boss was upset! I think this is a chicken- and- egg situation.

4) A nest egg

This means a part of your money which is saved for future.

Example: These days’ people hardly can build a nest egg for future because everything is getting more expensive.

5) Butter- and- egg man

This is for a person who’s from a rural city but he/she is wealthy.

Example: Mike can’t fool me by his behavior or his money; I know he’s a butter-and-egg man.

6) Curate’s egg

This is used for something that’s not completely bad or good.

Example: Our winter camp was a bit of curate’s egg. The first days were really fun but the rest of the days were really boring and exhausting.

7) Egg on face

This idiom is being embarrassed about something you’ve done wrong or failing in some sort of exam.

Example: Jane walked out of the scene with an egg on her face because she totally forgot what she was supposed to say as she saw the audiences.

8) Kill the goose that lays the golden egg

It means to ruin your golden life chance.

Example: You should go to Paris for that really great job that has been offered you. You’re definitely killing the goose that lays the golden egg.

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