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31 Aug
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How can we have a meaningful conversation? We all talk together but meaningful conversations don’t happen all the time. Is there anything to help us to do so? Of course, there are some steps that you can follow to have a good effect on the other person you are talking to.

Sit down in a quiet place:

When talking, you don't want to be interrupted by surrounding noise. Because of this, choose proper times for sitting outside so the noises of cars and birds will not overwhelm you. If you choose to stay inside, remember to have a private setting for the conversation and have a chair/seat that is comfortable so you won't be interrupted by awkward pain.

Choose an interesting topic:

If you want to attract your listener then you should start talking about something that even yourself enjoy talking.

Never lie:

Most people will instantly know when you are lying. This is not a good character and you lose the interest of your listener.

Be acceptable:

We don’t like people who are always disagreeing with us. So, try to accept the facts that your other partner talks about.

Look at them:

While talking if there is no cultural prohibition try to look at the speaker’s eyes. This shows that you are really listening and care about the conversation.

Don't mumble:

Mumbling is a sign of covert anger, resentment, disrespect, or sadness. If you feel awkward in the discussion, say so without resorting to mumbling; it is better to avoid any confusion.

Let go of distractions:

If there is anything distracting you while talking then get rid of them. Turn off your cell phone or turn off that television that you don’t watch and only the noise is interrupting.

Be honest in your listening:

Don’t just pretend that you are listening. Be compassionate and sympathetic in the conversation so you can keep the conversation alive.

There can be other things to affect your conversation and keeping it nice and smooth, but whatever you do be honest, compassionate and interested in the talking with the other person in front of you. Whatever the purpose of your conversation is to try to enjoy it too.



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