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2 Nov
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Some language learners are shy in speaking the new language in public. If you are one of them, we have some tips to follow in order to overcome the shyness of speaking a new language.


Use one of the social media

If you are a user of a social media, then for sure you have some friends that can talk and chat with you with the new language. Find them and make a group and text and send voice to practice your English. This way you don’t have to be a part of a big discussion that may decrease your confidence. Start slow and with a small group of people.


Practice with telemarketers

If you are living in the country where English is the language, then most probably you are going to have telemarketers calling you to sell their products. Don’t avoid them and try to talk to them on the phone because it is their job to listen to you and they don’t laugh at your mistakes. It can be a great practice for you.


Sing with your favorite song

Choose your favorite song and use the lyrics to sing along with it. The activity will help you to practice the pronunciation and speaking skills. Read aloud Choose a paragraph from a book and read it out loud, it will help you to hear your voice and getting more used to listening to yourself speaking English. Your confidence will boost up.


Forget about your first language

When learning a new language which in this case is English try not to depend on your first language. If you are in a situation where you have to speak English, then try as hard as you can to mingle with English words. Don’t be afraid of making mistakes just go with the flow and step by step you will get stronger. Try not to use your first language unless you are in a very special situation like opening a bank account.


Learning any language is a challenge, so try to make it fun and enjoyable. Don’t just depend on the textbooks and grammar rules. If you are not living in an English language country then try to listen to music, news, or watch movies. Any item which is more interesting for you can help you with your new language.

To overcome your shyness, gain confidence by mingling with more people who talk the same language. Whatever you do make it fun and interesting for yourself.

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