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24 Dec
ENG45  1






   There are a lot of Idioms which have the word “Cake” used in them. Here we have introduced some of them and also their meaning in the English language.

1) Take the cake: We use this idiom for someone or something which is special in a bad way or good way.

Example: we went to a lot of bad movies, but this one takes the cake.

2) Cakewalk: this is a phrase which is used to say something is very easy to do and you won’t be through any difficulties in doing it.

Example: winning the competition was a cakewalk.

3) Icing on the cake: We use this idiom when we want to explain a double great situation.

Example: I was too excited about traveling to France, but a ticket to Rome after visiting France was icing on the cake.

4) You cannot have your cake and eat it: This means that having two of your favorite thing at the same time is impossible.

Example: You should choose between studying abroad or being with your family, you cannot have your cake and eat it.

5) Sit like piffy on a rock cake: this idiom is used for a state that you’re ignored or left out of an activity or a group.

Example: I thought it would be fun if I go to my sister’s friend wedding, but I didn’t know anyone there and I was sitting like a piffy on a rock during the whole wedding.

6) Cake someone: this phrase is about covering or coating someone with something which dries and become a hardcover.

Example: my friends caked themselves with mud at school summer festival.

7) Nutty as a fruitcake: the meaning of this idiom is obvious. It is used to joke your friends about being crazy and wacky.

Example: Her daughter is nutty as a fruitcake; she’s always playing with dangerous things.

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