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26 Nov
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There are a lot of Idioms which are related to the word “Book” or “Reading”. Here we have introduced some of them and also their meaning in the English language.


1)A closed book

Some topics or discussions which are ended and no longer continue.

Example: I thought that was a closed book, but she started yelling at me about that last night.

2)Book smart

It is used for someone who knows a lot, actually, He/she has acquired that knowledge from reading a lot of books, these kinds of people are not usually too socially.

Example: He would answer every kind of question you’ll ask, there is no way he doesn’t know anything, he is a book smart.

3)An open book

Some people don’t usually keep secrets about themselves and you can easily know everything you want to know about them.

Example: I love people who are like an open book; I won’t bear those people who don’t tell you anything about their lives.


This idiom is about who is extremely interested in reading books.

Example: She is such a bookworm, she seems to have a new book every day!

5)Read someone like a book

You can easily understand and know some people; actually, you can read them like a book.

Example: We can’t do any other things in our class, the teacher read us like a book.

6)By the book

The book here refers to the word “rules”, actually by the book means the rules or based on the principles.

Example: If you’re looking for somebody who can enter you to the stadium without buying tickets, don’t go for John he does everything by the book.

7)The oldest trick in the book

A trick which everybody knows. It is too old and used for many times before.

Example: If you want to take money from your dad, don’t say that lie. It’s the oldest trick in the book. 

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