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31 Jul
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A new language, A new life


A new language, A new life


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 People always do things to get pleasure or avoid pain. Learning a new language is also one of those things. I remember when I was a kid and was going to the language school for learning English there had been written on the wall: a new language is a new life, and I believe it now.
  There was a time that my entire world was just my room and all my friends were just my dolls and teddies but now I have a bigger world and much more friends and it’s all because of learning another language.
   For me, different languages are all like different colors and when all of them gather together there would be a wonderful rainbow that can bring happiness and a peaceful mind for all people. By learning another language I can give other people what I really want to give and it is a lovely wonderful greeting with a big smile on my face.

One of the most interesting ways to change your life is to learn a second language and then start to use it. This could change your life is far more ways than you could possibly imagine when you first start out. A New Job, New Friends, A New Hobby, A New Outlook, these are just a few of the changes you might experience along the way.



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