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26 Jul
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A complete list of conversation starters for learning English

 conversation in English  
Many people, who are learning English actively, consider a good conversation to be a key for putting into action all that they have learned. More importantly, Random conversations make possible the opportunity to pinpoint mistakes and correct them. This can especially have a positive impact when we have a random conversation with strangers. This brings down the level of stress as we worry less about what others think about us. Therefore, pay attention to the list below for tips on how to start a good practice conversation and learn English. The questions below will surely start you on the right foot, no matter where you are and who you engage with in a conversation:
What was the last movie you watched that was comedy?
Who is your favorite actor in Hollywood?
How do you spend your personal time?
Do you take care of any animals? What is your favorite animal?
What are your plans for this weekend?
When did you take a vacation last? Where did you go? Did you like it?
What did you study at school?
What do you do when you hang out with your friends?
How would you best describe a perfect weekend?
What was the last strangest dream you ever had?
Where is the most amazing place you have ever been to?
Do you ever stay up late?
What do you look for in the internet during your spare time?
If you could change your name, would you change it? What new name would you choose?
What is it that you think really bothers you, while most other people hardly notice?
What is your favorite quote from any famous person?
What is it you like to do for yourself that is considered to be a guilty pleasure?
Have you ever had a bad accident?
What do you want to accomplish before you get old?
What sport are you a fan of?
What are you really good at?
What is your favorite TV series?
How do you find standup comedy?
What kinds of music do you listen to the most?
Do you listen to music when you are in a bad mood?
What music really makes you want to dance?
What ethnic food are you in love with?
When did you go to a fancy restaurant the last time and how did you like it?
What countries have you traveled to so far in your life?
What part of the world would you like see the most?
Would you rather take a spontaneous backpacking trip or do you prefer a well-organized and fancy trip?
How do you find fashion and what is your favorite style?
What are your personal goals?
Are there any goals you have set for yourself that you failed to accomplish?
What season do you like the most?
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