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27 Jul
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15 Easy Ways to Help Protect the Environment



15 Easy Ways to Help Protect the Environment


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Without our environment, we would be unable to thrive as humans. you help protect the environment in important ways:


Compost food leftovers instead of throwing them away or sending them down the garbage disposal, which needs water and electricity to run. You can then use the compost for your garden.


Walk or ride a bicycle to work or to run errands instead of driving a car or motorcycle, which both use gasoline and emit carbon monoxide into the air.


Utilize the dishwasher instead of washing dishes by hand. Doing so saves water. You’ll save 23 gallons of water and 1.5 kilowatts of energy for every 12 place settings washed.


Start a small backyard vegetable garden. You’ll save multiple car trips to the grocery store for common and easy to grow items like zucchini, tomatoes, carrots, lettuce, onions, potatoes, scallions, and garlic.


Grow an indoor herb garden in your kitchen window. Snip the herbs as needed to keep your herb plants growing indefinitely. You’ll save using gas on trips to the grocery store for last minutes fresh ingredients like basil, thyme, oregano, and sage.


Use hand blending instead of using an electric blender whenever you need to blend ingredients together. Blenders use 640 watts of energy for every 3 minutes of use.


Turn off your hot tub when not in use or get rid of it altogether. Hot tubs use a continuous supply of power, even when you keep it on the lowest setting.


Install a low-flow toilet to replace your standard toilet. You’ll save up to seven gallons per flush from a regular toilet.


Volunteer with a conservation group such as Greenpeace. Greenpeace relies on volunteers and professionals around the world to make a difference. 


If you don’t have the resources to volunteer your time, you can donate money or environmental and conservation groups like the World Wildlife Fund or the World Nature Organization.


Lead the fight for conservation efforts in your own community. Lobby your local town hall for better environmental practices throughout local neighborhoods.


Have a beehive on your property. Bumblebees are dying across the country due to the heavy use of pesticides. If you don’t have your own land, consider asking a local farmer or other landowners if you can have a beehive on their property. Growers will welcome having plentiful bees to pollinate their plants.


Spot clean clothes instead of throwing them in the washing machine every time a little spill happens. You’ll end up washing fewer loads over time.


Have a greywater system installed on your property. A grew water system reuses the water from sinks and washing machines and diverts it to the garden where you can use the water for irrigation or washing garden equipment, cars, grills, etc.


Use your own reusable bags for every shopping trip. You’ll cut down on the manufacture and use of plastic bags, which end up in our oceans and landfills.



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